Project 9 – a student led Computing project

At my school, GCSE ICT is not available to take due to the fact the syllabus doesn’t contain much more than learning how to use a word processing program. This lack of a seemingly pointless ICT GCSE at my school against a high demand to learn computing skills has led to a new Program named Project 9 where older students, such as myself, teach Year 9 (ages 13-14) students Computing skills over a few sessions. The aim is for the students to have expanded their knowledge on a topic such as Programming or 3D Design and to create a project which they can display to their peers at the end of the project.
I was previously involved when I learnt Programming and I have now come back in to the project as a student teacher to teach programming in one of 2 suptopics (due to popular demand); Android App programming in a great programming called Processing (based on Java but orientated around quickly creating shapes and visual outputs) and programming/using the new Raspberry Pi (a credit card sized, $35 dollar computer).
I believe that this project is important in today’s modern world where most children with a computer can easily teach themselves how to word process and it is important that students get taught a way where they can go away from the sessions and continue their learning by theirselves. Students that wouldn’t have previously thought about learning to program have picked programming, throughly enjoyed what they learnt and have come back the next year as tutors.



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