Epic Tech Spotlight Friday #2 – Google Project Glass

Augmented Reality, the dream of every sci-fi obsessed technology fan. Being able to browse your social networks, send messages, talk to friends, use maps and broadcast your location to friends while walking down the street with a tiny eye movement would be truly wonderful. And maybe a little expensive. Google have released the following film which outlines their aims for Project Glass, and augmented reality project.

But will Google’s Project Glass be a reality any time soon?

Doubters say that Google don’t have the technology required to overcome the problems with their amazing project. The tiny, clear screen has to be able to work perfectly in dark and extreme sunlight, be resistant to knocks and be perfectly clear so that the user does not lose the sense of augmented reality. The supporters of this project say that the sci-fi, slightly weird look of the prototype is all part of the experience but I have yet to decide whether I would wear this while walking around town. Its not exactly small.

How much is this going to cost?

Apple haven’t released any type of pricing but I think that for this project to be successful it needs to be cheap enough for many people to buy it (the iPhone still manages to sell quite a few units) but it will have to use lots of new technology to work, so consumers may have to compromise.

The main problem is that it is extremely likely to be based on pre-existing Google services such as Google Maps, which, of course, all require an Internet connection of a certain speed to use. This means that to achieve the snappy loading featured in the video, one must have a constant Internet connection with about the speed of the new 4G mobile Internet.

How Google will solve the major problems with this project, I do not know. If they pull it off however, prepare to step into the future.



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