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How to Control your PC with a WiiMote

I previously had a video demonstrating this but my video camera broke. This is very possible as I have done it myself. Please post any problems you may have below.


1. Make sure you computer has Bluetooth or you have a Bluetooth adapter (they can be bought cheaply on Amazon and Ebay).

2. Download the following file and extract it:

3. Run the .exe and follow the instructions to connect your WiiMote to your computer.

4. Place your Wii Sensor Bar above your monitor, plug it into your Wii and turn it on (NOT USING THE WIIMOTE)

5. You can now control your PC with a WiiMote. Further instructions can be found in the .txt program with the program.

6. Have Fun!

7. Comment on this blog post 😀




Post 7 from SS’s trip to China

KEGS Drama

We woke up at 6am, feeling relieved, for we were to soon see our families, but also upset, as everyone had enjoyed the trip and wanted to stay. We got on the coach and had a ‘goodbye speech’ from our guides Regina and Lotus and we all applauded them as we shouted goodbyes. This then ended with Mr Burcher quoting Descartes (in typical Burcher fashion) and typical conversation until the arrival at the airport, typical conversation which consisted of Burcher-based banter and small-nosed abuse. The airport was supposed to look like a Dragon (with the Dragon scales on the top) and a tortoise, as a Dragon and a tortoise means ‘long life’. We then got on the plane, had a dull, boring, 10hr flight back from Beijing (which included Mr Burcher arguing with one of the air hostesses) got off the plane and had a two hour (roughly) drive back…

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Post 6 from SS’s trip to China

KEGS Drama

Today, we had breakfast and nothing really interesting happened. We then got onto the coach and headed towards The Great Wall of China. We arrived at the park area and took the cable car (packed full of ‘had to be there’ moments) to the Beijing part of Great Wall. We went up to the highest point of the wall in that area (pictures will be posted) and also round to the next part. I had been wishing to visit The Great Wall since I had been a small child, so today was like a long awaited dream come true.

After leaving the wall, we arrived at a Ming vase factory where we were shown how to create a vase an went into the gift shop before going into the restaurant on the second floor. During this meal, a group of Russians sat in the table next to ours. Mr Burcher…

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Post 5 from SS’s trip to China

KEGS Drama

Today, we woke up and went downstairs to have breakfast. We were told by Regina, and by looking around our friends’ rooms, that our room is a ‘king-sized’ room. We went downstairs to have breakfast (one of the best we had had here) and went down to basement levels one and two, and found the table tennis tables (although they were only open from 2-8). We then got on the coach (I picked up a newspaper on the way) and set off to the Forbidden City. We entered Tienanmen Square and were told about the ‘axis’ which runs all the way from the southern towers, through The Forbidden City and out the back. This axis goes exactly from south to north and all entrances which are on this axis – which were most, as they wanted them to be exactly on the axis as it had a significance in ancient China –…

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Post 4 from SS’s trip to China

KEGS Drama

Today, we woke up at six, realising we had a long day ahead. I was up and ready at the breakfast room (which I couldn’t enter because Dex had the room key needed for entrance to the restaurant), waiting for Dex. He arrived, around five minutes later, to tell me he had lost the key. Then, after ten minutes of frantic searching and buying a new one for 50 Yuan (£5 roughly), he realised it was in his other pocket. After breakfast, we left for Wuxi number one high school again. On the trip, the hotel called to alert Mr Burcher of a pair of ‘weaponised underwear’ left in one of the now vacated rooms. Much hilarity ensued.

Our first lesson was a 10th grade English lesson. Me and Justin (so nicknamed because some Chinese students thought he looked like Justin Beiber) were with six girls and learnt about their…

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Post 3 from SS’s trip to China

KEGS Drama

This morning, we woke up in the Hong Yun hotel, ready for our full day in our sister school; Wuxi number one. We were welcomed by Ben (our main contact in Wuxi) and a large sign, which said ‘welcome to students and teachers from KEGS, Britain to Wuxi number one high school.’

We were then taken into the school building where we stopped off at a floor consisting of costumes from the different regions of China. We were then led to a conference room where we were welcomed by the deputy principal. We then walked down to the sports arena, where we watched the Monday tradition, which was comprised of a flag raising ceremony and a speech by a member of staff.

After this, we started our first lesson, which was a lesson on basic mandarin and numbers. We then went into an A-level chemistry class and learnt about latticed…

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Post 2 from SS’s trip to China

KEGS Drama

This morning I woke up at six am to the sight of a man doing Tai Chi outside my window (well, five floors down, not floating) and went downstairs to eat breakfast at 8am. We then checked out of the hotel for the coach to the Shanghai market, where we talked about subjects such as FIFA 13, the unreleased Black Ops 2 and the American election. We then arrived and spent a few hours walking around and buying Panda hats and walking over the Zigzag Bridge before going to the restaurant, which was just round the corner.

After leaving the restaurant, our guide for Shanghai, Fei, left as we made our way to Wuxi. On the two hour journey, we had a short mandarin lesson with our permanent host, Regina. We arrived at the Hong Yun hotel, and then left for the nearby gardens, where we were treated like celebrities…

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Post 1 from SS’s trip to China

KEGS Drama

Today, after waking up at six am, I arrived at school around half seven to find everyone just waiting in their cars, not daring to walking into the school. When the clock finally reached exactly 7:30, a wave of car doors opened and everyone made for the school doors, scared of being late.

Once inside, I met up with SS, from and Mr X (for he did not want to be named. Just assume he is Voldemort). After having a half hour long wait, we walked to the coach and got on. We then had an hour long drive to Heathrow which included playing blackjack, listening to terrible music and having our minds blown by the amazing magical talents of “Dex”. We then had an annoyingly long wait until we got on the plane at around 1:30 (including Gangnam styling through security and a long game of bluff/cheat) and…

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Epic Tech Spotlight Friday (on Tuesday!) #3 – Pebble E-Paper Watch (Kickstarter)

Returning to the widely popular crowd funding website Kickstarter, this article is about the product with the greatest success story the website has ever seen: the Pebble E-Paper Watch. Raising $2M in it’s first 28 hours, and a total of over $10M (the most money ever raised on Kickstarter) with some people buying 100 watches, they truly smashed their $100,000 target. Read the rest of this entry

Scientific Sundays #3: Common Scientific Myths Part 1

There are many things you have been told, from your parents, colleagues, friends and most definitely the internet that aren’t necessarily as honest as you may think. What if we told you many scientific things that you know and make you fell clever are actually fake? Don’t worry, we’ll correct you, and then you can feel smart when you correct someone else over these common scientific myths. Note, these myths are in no particular order, no myth is more common according to where it is on the list. Read the rest of this entry