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Scientific Sundays #2: Do Humans Have Five Senses?


Sorry for not posting an article last Sunday, we had some ‘business’ to do. To cover, we’re posting two!

All of us know that there are 5 senses, right? Wrong. This is one of the big fat lies that your science teachers have told you. In fact, most research shows there are plenty more; we actually have up to around 20 senses. It’s just that these senses are filtered into the main five (sight, touch, taste, sound and smell), but they are actually quite different from each other. Read the rest of this entry


Epic Tech Spotlight Friday #2 – Google Project Glass

Augmented Reality, the dream of every sci-fi obsessed technology fan. Being able to browse your social networks, send messages, talk to friends, use maps and broadcast your location to friends while walking down the street with a tiny eye movement would be truly wonderful. And maybe a little expensive. Google have released the following film which outlines their aims for Project Glass, and augmented reality project.

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Scientific Sunday #1: Acoustic Levitation

Levitation: Something only mastered by very good magicians and movies. No one would think that levitation would be possible in the near future, as we just don’t have the technology to make levitation a reality. Science fiction of the past predicted humans of our time to have invented so much more than we actually have done. There was a group of science fiction writers who predicted that by 2012, we would have had a base on the moon and a human expedition to Mars and possibly evidence of intelligent life elsewhere. Have we come anywhere near to any of the more realistic of those three predictions? No. In fact we’re probably in the same position as in 1987, no closer than before. But what if I told you levitation is possible? Read the rest of this entry

Epic Tech Spotlight Friday (on Saturday!) #1 – Oculus Rift

Sorry for the late post, I didn’t have a lot of time yesterday to post this.

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Chinese Theatre (with kegsdrama)

Chinese Theatre.

These guys are brilliant. They’re just starting up like us, and are pretty good too, so give them just as much love by visiting their website, This also links in with a China trip section we are going to have, as we are going to China for a nine day trip, and we’re going to keep you updated on what we get up to. Tell us what you think of China and kegsdrama in the comments, and continue being awesome.

SS, signing out.

Apple: A Year Afterwards

(It’s not about technology, we know, but we had to.)

It has been exactly one year since the inspiring Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. Millions of people sent their messages of condolence to Apple and Steve Jobs’ family, with social networking sites crashing in some places due to so much internet traffic. Thousands put flowers near 1 Infinite Loop, with many crying due to the loss of a revolutionary. Apple still have a webpage dedicated to him, with over a million people posting something on there, with many more flowing in at his anniversary. After his death, many said Apple would decline, it could not make products like it has done in the past, breathtaking products such as the iPodiPad and iPhone would not be made by Apple, and a new company would take the throne (Google). Others however said Apple will continue to prosper, even without Jobs. But how has Apple fared? How well is Apple doing a year on without the Leonardo of Silicon Valley, the man who changed the way we live? Read the rest of this entry

Rokshan Appreciation Society

We would like to tell the world about a person who is so awesome even Chuck Norris agrees. His surname is so long it’s sacred, he isn’t allowed to be good at anything just in case he embarrasses professionals. That person, ladies and gentlemen, is Rokshan E.

He is truly a good friend, and is very calm, therefore we dedicated a post to him.

Add your views on him in the comments below.


Scientific Sundays

Hey guys,

Just letting everyone know about our new regular blogs every Sunday starting from this Sunday. We’ll be telling you guys about the cool new discoveries and things science has accomplished, as well as blogs about science fiction and how it affects our lives. This sounds like Tech Spotlight Fridays, I assure you there will be unique and fresh blogs on both these weekly updates.


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Apple Apologises for Apple Maps Failure

In response to my earlier post about Apple Maps, I found this letter of apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook regarding the public’s opinion on the new maps app.

Click the link below to see it:


Epic Tech Spotlight Friday!

I hope to run a weekly ‘series’ of posts with one post every Friday. These posts will be based on innovative technology that I have heard about in the week such as virtual reality gear and other epic inventions.