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Apple: A Year Afterwards

(It’s not about technology, we know, but we had to.)

It has been exactly one year since the inspiring Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. Millions of people sent their messages of condolence to Apple and Steve Jobs’ family, with social networking sites crashing in some places due to so much internet traffic. Thousands put flowers near 1 Infinite Loop, with many crying due to the loss of a revolutionary. Apple still have a webpage dedicated to him, with over a million people posting something on there, with many more flowing in at his anniversary. After his death, many said Apple would decline, it could not make products like it has done in the past, breathtaking products such as the iPodiPad and iPhone would not be made by Apple, and a new company would take the throne (Google). Others however said Apple will continue to prosper, even without Jobs. But how has Apple fared? How well is Apple doing a year on without the Leonardo of Silicon Valley, the man who changed the way we live? Read the rest of this entry


IOS 6 Apple Maps, the Wrong Turning?

English: Wordmark of Google Maps

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giant company Apple has just released its new operating system for mobile devices, IOS 6. It seems also that they have also invented a time machine, because the maps seem to have taken users to the stone age. Witty puns aside, Apple have ditched the previously awesome Google Maps based maps app in favour of their own ‘Maps App’. This decision has been part of Apple’s disconnection from Google, where they also got rid of the YouTube app (a seemingly minor issue as the free YouTube app has rocketed to the top of the free app charts on the App Store).

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