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Project 9 – a student led Computing project

At my school, GCSE ICT is not available to take due to the fact the syllabus doesn’t contain much more than learning how to use a word processing program. This lack of a seemingly pointless ICT GCSE at my school against a high demand to learn computing skills has led to a new Program named Project 9 where older students, such as myself, teach Year 9 (ages 13-14) students Computing skills over a few sessions. The aim is for the students to have expanded their knowledge on a topic such as Programming or 3D Design and to create a project which they can display to their peers at the end of the project. Read the rest of this entry


IOS 6 Apple Maps, the Wrong Turning?

English: Wordmark of Google Maps

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giant company Apple has just released its new operating system for mobile devices, IOS 6. It seems also that they have also invented a time machine, because the maps seem to have taken users to the stone age. Witty puns aside, Apple have ditched the previously awesome Google Maps based maps app in favour of their own ‘Maps App’. This decision has been part of Apple’s disconnection from Google, where they also got rid of the YouTube app (a seemingly minor issue as the free YouTube app has rocketed to the top of the free app charts on the App Store).

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